• Recognize and describe effective communication techniques for oral and written tools
  • Identify elements of health marketing campaigns
  • Discuss theories and examples of how behavior change can be promoted
  • Evaluate a health marketing campaign utilizing concepts of health literacy, effective communication tools, and concepts of change


For your final project, you will dissect a health marketing campaign using the knowledge gained throughout the course on the following topics: evidence based information, health literacy, plain language, knowing the audience, effective communication tools, promoting change.

You may choose one of the three options below of existing health marketing campaigns through the Ad Council. In this analytical report, you will use the following 15 assessment questions to critically analyze a health marketing campaign on three main areas:

  1. What is the evidence behind the campaign?
  2. How does the campaign communicate with the target audience?
  3. What are the communication tools that were created to reach the audience and promote change?


Health Marketing Analytical Report