viedo to watch

For this assignment, you will write a one-page reaction paper based on the guest speaker interview or video for that week (**see the Course Calendar for the guest speaker/video for each week**). In general, a reaction paper has two primary parts—description and analysis. Your reaction paper will incorporate both of these aspects in the following ways:

Part 1: Description

You will write a short (one paragraph) summary of the weekly guest speaker interview or video.

You should describe who was speaking, what agency they work for, and what their particular job is.
You should also summarize what they said about their mission/organizational purpose, their clients, and the work that they do.
Describe one part of the conversation/video that stood out as very interesting and/or very important to you.
Part 2: Analysis

You will provide commentary and analysis on the content of the guest speaker’s interview or the video, as follows:

What is the benefit of this work to society and to our community? What would be the consequence(s) if this work was not done? If this work is being done by a non-profit, could it be more effectively done by the private, for-profit sector?
What are the positives (“pros”) of working in this field or specialty? What are the drawbacks (“cons”) of working in this field or specialty?
Would you, personally, want to work in this field or specialty? Why or why not? If so, how would you prepare for this career?
Other Requirements:

Each paper will be single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins, and you only need your name at the top of the page (nothing else).

No plagiarism or sharing of work among students is acceptable. YOU must do this assignment independently in its entirety.

Guest Speaker (Luque/Phoenix)