In 3 pages, describe your views about addiction as a disease and legislation surrounding drug use/possession. Make sure to address the following questions in your reflection:

1. What is your opinion about the role legislation, particularly criminal punishment, plays in reducing drug use?
2. One of the central features of addiction is the loss of control over use, or the inability to abstain from use. Do you think punishment should be different for individuals with a medical diagnosis of a drug use disorder?
3. Addiction for various substances only affects ~10-15% of people who have ever used those substances. What is your opinion about personal responsibility for drug/alcohol use? Do you think this contributes to your opinion about the role of legislation in regulating drug use?

Close your paper with a Final Reflection that brings your opinions on these 3 questions together into an overall expression of your opinions about drug use, addiction, personal responsibility and criminalization of drug use/sales/possession.
Make sure to explain the basis of your opinions.