In an 10 to 12-page double-spaced paper, (including title and reference pages, and APA formatted)
provide a set of recommendations that would position the Park ecosystem for the long run. You will argue
for a course of action grounded in citizenship principles; that is, solving the problem/opportunity from a
big picture standpoint. You will pay special attention to the following:
Analyze how issues have evolved and how to address them,
Analyze how the interests and values of all stakeholders may compromise for a greater good,
Argue for a course of action that takes into consideration the particular environment of the Park
and evaluate its impact on the overall ecosystem’s future. The course of action may recommend a
new forest practices model, manage the hydrological impacts, expand protected zones, etc…
Your paper should include three major sections.
1. Introduction: introduce the problem opportunity to your readers and your suggested course of
2. Analysis and suggestions: this is where you show your skill and ability to solve problems and
capitalize on opportunities. You will take a global citizen approach to analyze the situation and
make recommendations for the Park’s ecosystem. You are to argue for your solution from a
global citizenship standpoint by addressing the details of the situation identified in the case study.
You should emphasize the three areas identified in the instructions by the above bullet points.
3. Conclusion: conclude your paper by summarizing the problem/opportunity and your
recommendations and tell your readers, briefly, how and why your solution would address the
Park’s needs

Global studies (Sociology)