Certification to a Global Food Safety Initiative benchmarked scheme has become a common prerequisite to the supply of food stuffs to both retailers and manufacturers alike.

Whilst some retailers or manufacturers may state a preference, choice of scheme may rest with the company.

You work for a food manufacturer who currently have no certification or defined quality management systems in place and have been asked by senior management if it is a good idea to gain certification to a scheme.

Write a compelling argument for implementing a GFSI benchmarked standard using the   BRCGS for Food Safety issue 8 as an example.

Consideration to be given to although not limited to the following: scope, the universal recognition, benefits to your company, you should consider any disadvantages, certification process and potential costs.

Copy of the standard can be downloaded from scheme owner websites and current information from the Scheme owner’s website and publications should be referenced.

As word count is limited consider the appropriate usage of tables and appendices.




Global Food Quality Management Systems