Effective early childhood leaders positively impact their programs by making targeted, data-driven decisions. They become consumers of information, systematically evaluating and acting upon the insights gained through data collection.

In this Group Discussion Board, you and your group members share data collected from Connor Street’s evaluations. Like a detective, you begin your investigation by sifting through the data to highlight information about the program’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. You then use this information to provide insight into the program’s effectiveness.

How to Engage All Stakeholders in Program Evaluation

In program evaluation, aspect of agreement and fully involvement of stake holders is very important. The effort of evaluation will be falling if this important aspects are not considered because there will be no good collection of the data. This paper is going to discuss briefly on how stake holders in-service training at Connor street early childhood program can be engaged and also describe the most difficulty stakeholder to engage giving out the reasons

G3 Evaluations