Write an academic paper in which you give Flight Centre Limited strategic advice.
Introduce Flight Centre Limited and the management problem and create a research question.
incorporate (and use) the relevant class materials to analyse the situation at Flight Centre Limited.
It is a necessity to find extra data/articles on Flight Centre Limited, on the internet, to use as input for the models & concepts that you’ll choose to use. Only articles from renowned media (Economist, The Guardian, New York Times, Bloomberg, etc.) can be used as an extra data source on Flight Centre Limited.
Conclude your paper with advice, based on your analyses, to Flight Centre Limited

General guidelines paper:
Academic paper
4000 words! (+/- 20%, excluding the title page, the abstract, the reference list and the appendix)
Use the provided Flight Centre Limited case
Find extra data/articles on Flight Centre Limited for your analysis
Incorporate relevant course literature.
Use APA-style of referencing

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