The role of Financial Analysis Statements, especially for local government units (try
not to deviate from the term Local Government System.
You can also refer to the KPI’s which are very useful
I use some KPI’s at the end of my case study such as
Operational revenues/citizen
Operation Expenses/citizen
Subsidies (given from government)/citizen
Long-terms /citizen
You must create a mini introduction (please do not refer the term introduction
nowhere as a chapter, because I use it in Chapter 1) as a literature review based
mainly in Greece if you can
I also want to refer to the importance and the role of the financial ratios in the
Financial Statement Analysis
The financial ratios I have used in my case study are the following
Please try not to present mainly the theory and the importance of them
The calculation type is presented in the chapter of the case study
a)Liquidity ratios
Indirect Liquidity Ratio
D Cash Flow Ratio
Direct Liquidity Ratio
b)Efficiency ratios
Employed Capital
Surplus percentage
c)Capital Structure ratios
Liabilities / Total Funds:
Liabilities / Equity
Equity / Total Assets
Total Debt Charge Ratio
d)Activity ratios
Account Receivables Turnover ratio
Turnover Receivables in days
Turnover Asset Ratio
e)Balance sheet structure ratios
f)Income statement ratios
As you know the local Government units in Greece use the dual entry bookkeeping
system so i want to present the importance of it, the advantages and the disadvantages
of it
What I need is an extra boost (12 pages) in order to help me faster my pace and work
mainly in the case study issues.

Financial Analysis Statement of a Local government unit