In your assignment you will need to address the following bullet-points. Failure to address one or more of these bullet-points will result in a failed assignment:

  • Introduction: set out the aims of the assignment
  • Describe the rationale for the nature of the research carried out by your group (exploring the perspectives and challenges of people experiencing statutory homelessness)
  • Outline the research methods that have been used (Mixed methods- qualitative and quantitative was used)

Discuss key issues and approaches to defining “Community”. There needs to be a clear distinction and definition of community and the importance and role of community and community social work and how they both have a pivotal role in community and community action.  How community plays an important role for those faced with homelessness (3 or more references on various perspectives on community and social work community). The Toynbee Hall as a prime example of community development (I thought the Toynbee Hall may be of some help).

  • Link this discussion of a key concept to the findings of your research
  • Reflect on the implications of your research findings and/or your discussion on the contested concept for social work policy and practice
  • Evaluate the strengths and limitations of the project including methodological and ethical issues


  • Provide a more in-depth discussion of the concept of community and more detail on how you analysed the data and came up with your findings.
  • You also need to discuss anti-oppressive practice issues in greater depth, including how age, gender, ethnicity etc. intersect with homelessness.
  • It’s important to distinguish between the findings of your empirical research and the findings of your literature review.
  • Add some references to literature on research ethics.
  • Discuss AOP issues in greater depth
  • Add in references to research ethics

It is important the reference list follows referencing conventions and th

Exploring the perspectives and challenges of people experiencing statutory homelessness, community and social work community