Why did you decide to go into a leadership position?
How were you prepared for a leadership role prior to moving into a leadership position?
What were the barriers to your leadership development?
What were some of the most valuable experiences that prepared you for a leadership role?
*How does being in Malta affect your leadership development?
What specific leadership skills do you feel are needed within your culture? *How might this be different
or similar than leading within nursing/health care in other cultures?
How did your leadership strategies change as you worked in the context of different settings? Consider
clinical, academic, research, administrative, and executive roles.
*What are the leadership strategies that would work within your culture?
Describe some of your leadership successes.
*What makes this special to you?
What were some of your most painful leadership experiences and what did you learn?
What advice would you give future nurse leaders?
Is there anything else that you would like to add that we have not discussed?

Exploring the nurse manager leadership attributes in acute hospital in Malta