Part 1 (300-word minimum)
What is a “rational standard” (see PCT Ch. 1)? How and why does Socrates introduce it in his exchange with Euthyphro? In what way does it propel their conversation? What did you think of the dialogue once you understood it (cause, I’m sure, you read it multiple times until you did)? Having read Chapter One of The Power of Critical Thinking, what can Plato’s Euthyphro teach us about critical thinking and developing our own critical thinking skills (i.e., what is the relationship between the Euthyphro and what you get from reading Chapter One of Vaughn’s The Power of Critical Thinking)?

Part 2 (100-word minimum)
What do you make of the question concerning whether the Gods love a person because they are pious versus a person being pious because they are beloved by the Gods.