Provide a critical rationale for your choice of long term condition and relate this to your professional discipline relevant to the health need of your population.

  • Look at the international/national/borough/local area and statistics of prevalence (e.g asthma worldwide, in the UK and relate that to your local area)
  • Do you have a higher or lower level of asthma?
  • Do you have a higher or lower level of deaths even though you may have low levels?
  • Also look at your professional role and changes in healthcare provision. Think about at the moment, in the context of COVID 19, different ways of working and also look at other national drivers (e.g, GP Forward view and NHS Long term Plan).


Critically explore and synthesis the content of your protocol-you need to draw together wider evidence sources to make your point

  • Here we are look at primary research, actual clinic studies (not opinion pieces or information taken from clinical knowledge summaries or other NICE guidelines
  • We are also looking for systematic reviews, meta analysis, things where they have undertaken review on multiple studies and put all the conclusions together to get greater strength to the weight of evidence
  • Critically discuss how you will evaluate uptake of your clinical protocol
  • Basically, how well is the protocol going to be used by your colleagues in practise
  • Propose a strategy to measuring the clinical impact to the extend to which your clinical protocol makes a difference to the health outcomes of your chosen population
  • Utilise your change management and leadership theories for the implementation of your protocol
  • Think about how you will know if your protocol has improved patient outcomes
  • What could you measure and what time frame is realistic
  • maybe look at your QOF outcomes, what proportion of patients have had an annual Asthma review?
Essay on the Protocol for the Management of Newly Diagnosed Asthma in Adults in Primary care