Write a 1,300-word paper that provides the following:

Identify an existing at-risk population. Provide biostatistical, epidemiological, or environmental data to substantiate why this population is at risk.
Using analyzed population data, identify a health risk within your selected at-risk population that nursing science can impact. Describe specific variables that the data are measuring and explain how the variables correlate the at-risk population to the identified health risk.
Identify potential barriers that may hinder the implementation of disease-prevention and health-promotion activities. Explain why these barriers may slow or impede strategies to reduce the effects of the health risk on the at-risk population.
Identify stakeholders and agencies with whom you may need to collaborate to implement health risk reduction strategies. Explain why you selected these collaborators and how they will contribute to your disease prevention and health promotion plan.
Submit part two of the epidemiology paper with part one attached, indicating where instructor feedback was incorporated and changes or revisions were made. Part one should also include logical transitions that will connect to the ideas presented in part two to create a seamless scholarly paper.

Epidemiology Paper – Part Two: Analysis and Application