This assignment is going to be my script for a video presentation.
While we look to past climates as a way to understand the present and future, it is important that we keep a close eye on our specific moment in time. Remember that one of my primary objectives is to help develop your ability to critically evaluate decisions that our policy makers implement, as well as the way the media portrays that information. During the course of the semester (once during each unit, three presentations total), you will submit a 5-minute video presentation of a current event or news story that you have read. This is a video assignment, so you will use Kaltura Capture to record your video as you did in the Week 1 Video Introduction. In these assignments, you will develop short presentations and also give critical peer review of other presentations in your group.

Here are some guidelines to help you with your assignment:

Choose a news article related to some aspect of climate change. Please note that I consider this to be a very broad topic, so you should be prepared to justify why you think it is important. It could be a very specific story about how an Executive Order from the US White House will change the way oil rigs can monitor methane leaks or how current sea-surface temperatures are driving the hurricane season. It could be something simple like the fact that one of the northernmost cities in Russian Siberia hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit in mid-June 2020 setting a high temperature record for north of the Arctic Circle.
Cite your source including the date of the article. As with all research, you must choose reliable news sources. Please use good judgement in regards to your source. There is a lot of anti-science and conspiracy-theory-driven media out there. This is not the kind of media I am interested in for this assignment.
Provide a summary of the article content.
Discuss why this news story matters and why it is something we should pay attention to. Does it relate in any way to the materials you have learned in this course?
You may want to include a short PowerPoint presentation if there are some interesting graphics you want to talk about.
Please provide the source of your article below your video once you embed it into the discussion. You can also provide a hyperlink to the article for your groups members to read. I am not too particular on format (i.e., MLA, APA, or Chicago).

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