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For this assignment, you will write a paper in response to the scenario described below. Be sure to use the sources from
the annotated bibliography assignment in Unit V. You may also use additional sources as needed. Also, be sure to use the
outline you created in the Unit VI assignment.
Scenario: You are a first responder who is responding to an incident that is a mass casualty event where a school bus
carrying middle school children collided with two trucks, one carrying benzene and the other carrying ammonium nitrate.
Both trucks have released their cargo via spill, and now the school students are in danger of breathing in the vapors. The
incident happened on Highway 182 in Orange Beach, Alabama. It is the middle of July and the temperature is 89oF with
sunny skies, and the winds are calm for now. Because it is summer, there are clouds building to the west with
thunderstorms predicted in the next 90 minutes.
Compile a minimum of four pages to appropriately answer the following questions:
What form would you expect to find the chemicals (liquid, gas, solid, etc.)? Will this form change based on the weather?
Which Department of Transportation (DOT) placards would be used to identify the different hazardous materials cargo?
How would the children on the school bus be best protected from the chemicals (e.g. evacuated, shelter in the bus,
Describe the chemical reactions that may take place.
Recommend the risk-based response steps you would take to control the hazardous materials event.
Determine the impact of the weather conditions on the accident site.
Adhere to APA style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources used.

Engineering & Technology/Hazardous materials