I need an original research paper that focuses on the electric car industry. The final paper itself will consist of the following items that need consideration:

1. Explanation of the electric car industry and its current market environment (what’s happening now, economic crisis/bailout/government concerns, etc.)

2. Recent decision-making for the electric car industry (by manufacturers, government, etc.), i.e. marginal analysis

3. Market demand and supply considerations (how are buyers and sellers behaving in the electric car market?)

4. Appropriate quantitative analysis, which may include elasticity issues regarding electric car(s) sold within the industry, regression analysis, etc.

5. Electric Car Production concerns (costs, technology, etc.)

6. The type of market structure that exists in the electric car industry (competition, monopoly, oligopoly, etc.)

7. Recommendations/Action items to be pursued in the future for electric car makers

Electric Car Industry