Directions: This assignment requires the completion of an instructional coaching plan for a teacher. The information and a specific area of the T-TESS Instructional Rubric have been provided for this week’s assignment.

After reviewing all the teacher’s information, pinpoint a specific area in that which to work with this teacher to improve her instructional practice. Then research best practices on ways to improve instruction in the pinpointed area in order to create a solid instructional coaching plan. The suggestions in the plan should reflect current research and best practices to improve instructional practice.
Review the T-TESS Rubric for information on Dimension 2.4 Differentiation: The teacher differentiates instruction, aligning methods, and techniques to diverse student needs.
The candidate may choose the grade level and subject area for the teacher.

Background Information on the Case Study Teacher:
1. Multiple observations show that the teacher only uses one instructional method.
2. The teacher does not use instructional strategies to help bridge the learning for students.
3. The teacher uses worksheets to measure student learning.
4. Students are disengaged in the lesson.
5. The teacher has 22 students in the classroom. Four of the students are identified as Special Education. Three of the students are identified as ELL.
6. Benchmark scores are significantly lower than other teachers on the campus.
7. The teacher is completing his/her second year in teaching and on this campus.

Helpful resources for this assignment:
1. Look Fors::
2. Rubric:
3. Sample conference questions:

***Reminder to use APA citations as needed.

Please Complete the Coaching Plan using the template below:
Instructional Coaching Plan

Date of the Conference: Teacher:

Targeted Coaching Topic:

Reflection Questions (at least three questions):

Evidence from the Observation(s):

Identify the targeted goal: (SMART GOAL)

Research to support the need to improve this area:

Suggested strategies and skills:

Model/Explain/Exemplar: (step by step directions of how to do strategy or method of teaching you are asking you this teacher to do in order to improve instructional)

Evidence- How will we know it worked or was effective?


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