For this week you need to read chapter 2 of Kumashiro’s Against Common Sense: Teaching and learning toward social justice (ACS:TALTSJ). Once you read the chapter and the notes I have provided in the Week 2 lesson area of Moodle, you need to post your initial thoughts about chapter 2 in the week 2 discussion forum.

What it means to be a student (pp. 19-23)
Kumashiro describes several experiences with students, who like “M”, were “unable
or unwilling to be the kind of student that schools and society often tell them to be” (p. 21).
He states that teachers need to address the “unique learning styles, needs, and desires of
students”, while theorizing that one of our problems in meeting these unique needs is that
“there is something about the very ways we think about learning that can be oppressive”
(p. 22).
Kumashiro believes that oppression can result from “what” students learn as well as
“how” students learn, but, perhaps more importantly, “oppression can also result from who
we allow students to be” since there is “…something oppressive about what we often say it
means to be a student and simultaneously, what it means to learn” (p. 23). The rest of
chapter 2 consists of Kumashiro’s exposition on this topic.
What it means to learn (pp. 23-29)

Education Discussion 2