•  Provide a cover page that includes the paper title, your name, your academic institution, and date (centered). Page #s in the upper right margin – you do not need to include a running head.
  • First, begin your paper with a 1-2 paragraph introduction that hooks the reader and briefly introduces your video and topic. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON THE OTHER INFORMATION ON THE FIRST PAGE AS IT IS ALREADY ON YOUR COVER PAGE.
  • Provide at least one paragraph summary of the video (some videos may require 2 paragraphs).

Next, write a minimum of 3 paragraphs, which defines, discusses, relates and/or links at least 3 concepts from the chapter to the video lecture (be sure to define you key concepts!).  Provide thorough explanation and examples to support your argument. For example: in module 1(not a faculty lecture paper option), Dr. Linda Lederman discusses her research on the role of narrative in people’s recovery from alcohol addiction. Therefore, a paper might more fully explore communication and narrative, as well as health communication and its connection to narrative and alcoholism. In this example, then, after an introductory paragraph, and a summary paragraph of the video, your next paragraph would discuss how these things function and create the fabric of

Dr. Lemaster: Critical Identity