1. You can discuss what scholars have said about translating (technical & literary genre). You can draw on work relating specifically to Arabic, or to other languages. You may want to refer to a specific study or studies, if this is useful.
2. You need to explain what your theoretical framework is with regards to your translation. What theories will you be using to guide and inform your translation decisions and the strategies you will take?
3. You may want to discuss more general theories, (Skopos and domestication), although remember to discuss only those theories that are relevant to your translation and go into specific details.
The types of theories that you can discuss will depend on what you aim to achieve and may be based on genre but also dependent on what the challenges of the text are. For example, the text has many culture-specific references and that will be your focus, then you should discuss what scholars say about translating these references (related to Arabic and/or in general). and explain which options you have taken and why? Your choices should be based on the overall effect you aim to achieve in your translation.

Domestication and Skopos theory