Write a brief review (one page or less) of Tower for a general audience (think USA Today). Use the Richard Brody review as a model.

Structure your review around these questions:

1.Why was the director drawn to this event and what source materials did he use to develop the screenplay? Why did the film ignore the story of Charles Whitman and, as the director stated, cover the tragedy “from the ground up, instead of the top down”?

2.What methods do the filmmakers use to make a 54 year old event relevant to a contemporary audience, emotionally and well as cognitively? In particular, how does the film personally connect us to the victims and the witnesses? (A comparison to the journalistic techniques used in the 20/20 report may be useful here.)

3.Assume that your review will be published within the next two weeks. Connect the film’s theme to the current national discussion on gun control/gun safety.

Documentary- Tower