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Based on chapter 3 ( vulnerable populations: a question of understanding) answering the following question
A family recently emigrated from Taiwan to Des Moines, IA. Two months after their arrival the mother fell ill and was diagnosed with a metastatic gastric ulcer. The daughter who was instrumental in bringing the family to Iowa, is a nurse employed in the coronary care unit. The family asked the oncologist and oncology nurse to relay all information to the daughter rather than the patient

Question 1) what legal violation would occur if the request is granted ?
Question 2) what ethical principles would be violated if information was with girls from the mother plz make sure that this discussions is answered with 300 words and cite correctly and also write the question Thank you .

Discussion forum #5
Based on Dr. P power point , “ government regulation” what are the consequences of federal state and local regulations of health care services ?
Plz answer this with 300 words exact . and cite correctly

I will be uploading the chapter 3 and the PowerPoint plz let me know when you get them both

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