Reading: Use the resources provided:
+ Ch 1 & 2 by Melchert
Link: (you have to download it)

Ch 1-3 OER Reference by Payne

Video Resources.
Video 1 What is Philosophy?

Video 2 Pre-Philosophy vs Pre-socratics

Video 3 Rationalist – foundationalism vs Constructivism

Develop 4 Paragraphs based on the Guide Questions below for your posting:

1. Using the video on Philosophy, define what Philosophy is? In chapter Chapter 1 of Payne’s reference OER textbook, Payne said about defining philosophy, “My favorite answer is that philosophy is all of the rational inquiry except for science.” Discuss what do you think the author said? Does that mean the limitation of science compared to philosophy?

2. Using the second video by Quill and Ink History, and ch 1 (Before Philosophy) and 2 (Beginning of Philosophy by Pre-Socratics) of Melchert’s textbook–Discuss the characteristics of Pre-philosophical Period vs Philosophical Period? Describe the dominant view of the Pre-philosophical period, explain?

3. Using the third video, discuss the meaning of philosophy as rationality. What is meant by rationality by William James? Use PowerPoint on Philosophy in General to know what Rationality to explain this concept. How can one avoid contradiction and misunderstanding?

4. In chapter 1 in Payne’s OER, read the value of philosophy, p. 7, choose 2 important Values of Philosophy according to Bertrand Russell. Explain each. For your final words, after reading some concepts, state your reason, why do you need to study philosophy?