Persuasive Speech Assignment Sheet

Purpose of Assignment:

The purpose of this speech is to apply of all the concepts you have learned thus far to craft a sound and persuasively communicated argument. Your goal is to influence the audience in your desired direction. Your thesis should be a single sentence claim of policy (using the words “should” or “should not”) that you will defend through the course of your speech. In addition, you must call for a direct and specific course of action from your audience. Your speech is to be based on sound reasoning and evidence and must include motivational appeals and credibility.


● Your topic should be one that is timely and one that you find interesting.

● The speech should be 6-8 minutes in length.

● Be prepared to answer questions from the audience after the conclusion of your speech.

● Your presentation skills should include:
​-Natural and conversational delivery (do not read)
​-Effective vocal and physical delivery skills
​-Effective use of visual aids (at least one is required)

● You must clearly establish credibility and make use of appeals to audience needs and values.

● You must make clear use of valid reasoning and logic while making your arguments.

● Your speech should have a clearly established introduction, body and conclusion, including all important elements of each (attention-getter, thesis, value step/connecting to the audience, review of main points, transitions, etc.).

● You must orally cite your sources in the speech itself.

Speech Organization:

● The speech should be well-organized using one of the organizational patterns covered in class. The Problem-Solution, Problem-Cause-Solution, and Monroe’s Motivated Sequence patterns are particularly well-suited for this speech.


● A typed, full-sentence outline following the Outline Template provided is due on the day of the speech. Do not provide a fully worded manuscript of your speech.

● A works cited page in APA format with at least five different citations should be included with the outline.