• Find recent (within the last 6 months) news article or press briefings related to your assigned topic. In order to provide adequate analysis of the topic. All sources must be legitimate business or news sources. Legitimate sources include the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Associated Press, Forbes, Fortune, Reuters, BusinessWeek, The Economist, Time Magazine, The Motley Fool, Bloomberg / Morningstar, CNNMoney, MarketWatch, among others. You may also use any press briefings released by the affected company(ies). All sources used must be cited and included in a reference page. You should aim for a minimum of 4 news sources on your assigned topic. You may use sources such as Wikipedia or Investopedia for background understanding only. Wikipedia and Investopedia should not be cited as sources.


  • You should provide a brief overview / background of topic at hand, followed by a discussion of how current event fits into overall framework of topic. What are things that firm(s), financial institution(s), government, or investors should consider? What are the risks inherent in the topic? How will this change impact future business dealings? Your report should go beyond summarizing the information contained in the articles – you should apply what you have learned to analyze the current event and the likely economic, regulatory, or legal impact. You may also discuss any moral or ethical issues presented.


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