You are the Operations General Manager at Max Lionel Realty (MLR). You have initiated and begun implementation of a change strategy to improve organizational culture and ensure ethical and legal compliance of agents. Key outcomes of the strategy will be:

  • Development of an ethics charter for the business based on WHS responsibilities and REINSW Code of Conduct (completed in Assessment Task 2)
    ●    Revisions made to existing policies and procedures to incorporate use of charter by agents (completed in Assessment Task 2)
    ●    Training for managers and agents on use of charter, WHS responsibilities and legal/ethical responsibilities (partly completed in Assessment Task 2).

Managers have now been trained in WHS and ethics. It has been decided that managers will train their agents.


Assessment description

Using the workplace scenario information provided, and following on from work completed in Assessment Task 2, you will lead a presentation to the team and managers informing them about the business culture strategy change and its implementation.

Your Task

1. Read the simulated business case study / scenario.

2. Develop agenda for workshop.

3. Set objectives for workshop:
○ the purpose, the outcome
○ model ethical behaviour and encourage ethical behaviour in team
○ use an appropriate leadership style to achieve objectives
○ discuss organizational requirements such as legislation
○ discuss, suggest, demonstrate and encourage innovative approaches

4. Submit documentation as per specifications above.

Develop agenda for workshop