To develop transferrable skills in 2D and 3D CAD, strategic research, freehand drawing, specification, financial and structural awareness, written and graphical presentation and professional awareness.
1. Meticulously presented written and graphic data taken from your project file folders to evidence: use of approved documents (AD) to determine means of escape, fire resistance of elements of structure and fire separation, calculation of office population using given criteria and determination of sanitary provision, include bibliography of all legislation used, use of AD to determine criteria for general access and escape stairways, formal cost plan for the offices, and include bibliography of all legislation and technical guidance used. (30%)

2. AT students only: meticulously presented predominantly graphic work to evidence: office floor plans; ground, first, second, third and fourth floors scaled at 1:200, design development work (sketches and drawings) for the offices entrance, lift and stairways, washrooms and kitchen areas, at least one section through one of the stairways scaled at 1:20, and design development work (sketches and drawings) to determine ceiling height dimensions, ceiling voids and raised access floors, or
BS students only: meticulously presented written and graphic work to evidence: proposals for the fittings and finishes in the washrooms; design development work (sketches and drawings), floor plans and wall elevations scaled at 1:20 for the female, male and gender neutral accessible washrooms, and virtual mood boards. Specification and a Formal Cost Plan for these works. (30%)
3. Meticulously presented written report: describe traditional procurement, state advantages and disadvantages and advise appropriate standard forms of contract from the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) and New Engineering Contract (NEC) suites, and describe design and build procurement, state advantages and disadvantages and advise appropriate standard forms of contract from the JCT and NEC suites. (10%)
4. Meticulously presented professional letter with enclosures: professional format with appropriate salutation and closing, reference to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Plan of Work and specifically work stages 0—2 inclusive, schedule of services provided (this may be in the form of an enclosure), reference to advice provided earlier on procurement and contract, and reference to professional body code of conduct with specific citation where appropriate. (10%)
5. Meticulouslypresentedportfolioofwork.Consistentstyleandformatused, professional standards applied throughout. (20%)
Additional information and materials will be available in the respective weekly Session sections of the module Moodle page.

Design practice