Assignment Page Length: 3-5 pages

Description: The knowledge and understanding of protocol and etiquette in today’s complex, fast pacing, professional world is crucial. A Protective Professional should reflect that. Considering a multitude of operational environments, Protective Professionals operate in daily, describe the most important etiquette(s) that make a Protective Professional valuable to their organization.

Audience: Assume the audience of the paper is someone familiar with basic class concepts such as your peers in the class and the instructor.

Sources: Use your text and at least one additional reference or reading to help prepare your answers. Please use the Online Library to find sources, if appropriate.

Language: Present your essay in a professional, academic way that addresses the designated audience. Be sure to present well-developed paragraphs that are free of grammatical error and that convey a logical flow of information. Please keep in mind this is an essay; therefore, it should be in your own words, supplemented by the course material and your outside research or experiences.

Format: Your professor will use APA criteria for academic papers to evaluate your APA compliance on written assignments. Use the APA style resources that are available to you in the Online Library and Writing Center to format your assignment.

Descriptive Essay