Given that you have to read about 20 papers for the assignment, I would suggest that you spread the reading over the next few weeks. The main reason I am encouraging you to start reading early is because I would like to read a draft of your work by end of week 5 to give you some comments. So, I would suggest that you choose a couple of keywords from the title of your research topic and use google or the following search engine to download between 2 and 4 papers for this week: (you will need your username and password to access this link)

Summarise each paper in approximately 250 words (1/3 of a page)  – maximum half a page. Your summary should be written with these points in mind:

  1. What is the paper about?
  2. What were the authors’ motivation for conducting the research?
  • What kind of debate is happening in the paper? Is there a point on which different authors have differing views in those discussions?
  1. How does the paper position itself in those discussions? This is essentially the contribution of the paper.
  2. What kind of data did the paper use? Was it numbers, was data collected through interviews or surveys, was it a case study?
  3. How did the paper analyse the data? Did they build statistical models, did they analyse the transcript from interviews, did analyse the survey results?
  • How did the results in the paper contribute to the ongoing discussions on the topic?