Essay question: Identify a recurrent theme in literature across at least three genre (short story/novel/picture book/poetry/film/oral narrative/digital media).

Demonstrate how you would use the chosen texts in order to incite students’ responses to, and appreciation of, the literature, including its relevance to their lives.

essay needs to be based off three genre,I have picked a picture book, novel and film. The picture book ‘I’m Australian too by Mem Fox’ , the Novel Game Day by Patty Miles and the film ‘Moa’s last dancer’

essay includes:
identify dominant themes in literature across at lest three genre (short story/novel/picture book/ film/poetry/oral narrative/digital media)
Explain the relevance of themes to the lives of readers
Use academic and curriculum references
No syntactic errors and it was engaging
Use app referencing
Clearly identify the year group
Talk about what the text actually says about the theme
How do you get the students to engage with the theme
Why and how using a specific genre can be important in engaging readers
1800-2000 words
scholarly articles must be used

Cultural diversity within the classroom