Answer two (2) of the below questions in short essays. For each answer, use two (2) concepts from the list below to support your answer. However, each concept can only be used once (no using the same concept for both answers). Provide references to course readings. Essays should be organized, cited, and grammatically correct.

Additional guidelines:

2 page maximum for each answer
Size 12 Garamond or Times New Roman
Citations required; no bibliography required
Uploaded as a DOC or PDF


racial formation (Omi)
expectation and anomaly (Deloria)
postcolonial psychology (Duran)
power and the production of history (Trouillot)
third world liberation front (Dong/TWLF)

What does an inclusive history look like? Why is it necessary to consider what history means for different communities?
Why do race and power matter in how history is produced, remembered, and retold?
Using either Bauer’s California Through Native Eyes or the film Tending the Wild (just one), explain what we need to consider when retelling the history of California’s indigenous peoples.

Cultural and Ethnic Studies