Although America is a country made up of immigrants, The Chinese Exclusion Act was enacted as a ways and means of keeping Chinese immigrants not only from entering the country but from seeking naturalized citizenship.

For the record not all Chinese immigrants were barred from entering the U.S. the ban did not affect merchants, government officials, students, teachers, and tourists.  In 1943 the Chinese Exclusion Act was lifted during WWII and although not mentioned in your textbook some Chinese immigrants sought illegal ways of obtaining citizenship that became known as “Paper Sons and Paper Daughters.”


For this assignment please see Chinese Exclusion Act (readings: and and attached page 639 captured from the book “The Unfinished Nation, 8th Edition by Alan Brinkley) and the Paper Sons video (, upon completion of the reading and video you will construct an essay in a clear format as it relates to the questions below:

  • From the reading, what factors contributed to The Chinese Exclusion Act? Explain and list three (3) facts to support the question.
  • Discuss at least five (5) things that you learned and found to be thought provoking from the reading. Explain thoroughly.
  • Per the video what impact did “exclusion”have on Chinese immigrants and their families? Explain. In your opinion do other immigrant or minority groups share similar stories to the Chinese? Explain.
  • How does the history of Chinese Exclusion relate to current immigration discussions and debates? Explain and give three (3) examples.
  • In some regard History repeats itself, technically Paper Sons and Paper Daughters were “illegal immigrants,” the term often used today is “undocumented” or “undocumented immigrants.” What are your thoughts as it relates to this subject and as Americans how do we learn from our past experiences and celebrate cultural differences? Explain.
Critical Analysis of the Chinese Exclusion Act