Review the following case as described in CBCNews and answer the questions below.A Delburne, Alta., man who was the subject of a restraining order has been charged in the death of his estranged wife, who was found in her home east of Red Deer.Brian Clarence Volker, 48, was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder, the RCMP said.Deborah Volker, 44, was found dead in her house on Monday after a concerned family member called police.”We haven’t released a cause of death,” RCMP Sgt. Patrick Webb said Tuesday. “With this individual charged and going to court now, so much of these details that we have are going to be held back just so we can get a conviction in court.”The couple had a history of domestic disputes, and Brian Volker had an emergency protection order against him, Webb said.Volker had been charged with sexual assault with a firearm, forcible confinement and pointing a firearm after an alleged incident involving his wife on Jan. 9, Webb said. A justice of the peace had released Volker on conditions on Jan. 16, Webb said.The couple had three children but they were not home at the time of the homicide, he said. (Reference: (2009, February 24). Delburne man charged with murder in domestic homicide.CBCNews Canada. Retrieved from
What sub-type of domestic homicide is this case an example of?Explain.
What high-risk factors were present in this case that increased Deborah Volker’s risk of domestic homicide?
If Deborah Volker were pregnant, would this factor have increased her risk of becoming a domestic homicide victim?Explain.

Criminal Typologies