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Week 4 Assignment: Creating a Compliance Policy Paper

Objective: To understand how compliance policies are created at a hospital

Read and review a section of policy created by the Mayo Clinic: Understanding how to create a policy will be beneficial to you and your future organization. After reading the assigned chapters this week, choose one of the following topics listed to write a one- to two-page paper in which you will create a policy for a newly renovated hospital:
Create a mandatory reporting policy for new staff members to read and acknowledge.

Create a new policy on Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) under the new Quality Payment Program (formerly known as Physician Quality Reporting System and before that, known as the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative, PQRI).

Create a new policy on the False Claims Act for incoming staff to read and acknowledge.

Note: There are resources below to help you decide. Do not rely solely on the resources provided; use your texts and other information you research.

Use APA Style. Create a cover sheet and add a reference list.


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Creating a Compliance Policy Paper