Review Case Study 9-3, “Preventing Defensiveness” in Chapter 9. In this case study, you will review a dialog between Jeff and his manager, Spencer, as they discuss Jeff’s performance over the previous quarter. Reflect on what Spencer could have done differently to prevent Jeff’s defensiveness and to more productively engage him in a performance discussion.

As the HR director, you will be meeting with Spencer to provide coaching on delivering performance feedback more effectively in future conversations. Consider what you have learned in Chapter 9 about the characteristics of effective feedback.

Describe Spencer’s performance.
Evaluate how Spencer interacted with Jeff and responded to his defensiveness.
Provide a statement of confidence in support of Spencer.
Involve Spencer in determining how to improve his performance in the future.

Consider the suggestions presented in Chapter 9 of the course text for minimizing defensiveness: (a) establishing and maintaining rapport, (b) being empathetic, (c) observing verbal and nonverbal cues, (d) minimizing threats, and (e) encouraging employee participation. For the second part of your assignment:

Reflect on your video recording by generating alternative statements or actions that you would make.
Evaluate your verbal and nonverbal response by identifying strengths and areas of opportunity.
Identify ways of minimizing defensiveness that were not presented satisfactorily.
The Conversation Activity and Written Analysis paper

Conversation Activity and Written Analysis