1. (2pts) Briefly state the main ideas of the articles you were assigned (Anti-GMO).
2. (3pts) Identify the three most important or substantive facts the author(s) uses to support the main idea.
Were these facts based on data/evidence, opinion or what? If based on data, does the author footnote or
otherwise explain the source of the data for you to verify yourself?
3. (2pts) Include two (2) two quotes or specific examples to demonstrate how the author supports her / his
side of the issue.
4. (2pts) What is a good counterargument to the main thesis of your article? This is often found in the
opposing article’s viewpoint.
5. (3 pts) Every argument or position is incomplete in some way. Identify at least two holes or weaknesses
in the author’s main arguments. Note: “None” is not an acceptable answer.
6. (2 pts) List at least one example of propaganda, bias, or faulty reasoning that you found in the article.
Note: “None” is not an acceptable answer.
7. (4 pts) Considering both articles, explain which article you thought was most accurate? How did you
make your decision about accuracy?
8. (4 pts) Considering both articles, which article did you find most convincing or persuasive? Why / how
did you come to this conclusion?
9. (2 pts) Based on your reading of all articles on your assigned topic (not your position) will you make
any changes in your life OR have you changed your personal opinion on an environmental topic?
10. (2 pts) Locate at least two unique, outside sources of information on this topic such as other articles,
websites, videos, documentaries, experts, etc. Name, provide the links (if online) and briefly summarize
these two outside sources and explain how they have added to your understanding of the topic.

Controversial Issue: Anti-GMO Topic