1. Identify different situations in which you have collaborated with one or more other people to provide services (preferably behavioral services) to a student.

Based on the material presented in the 1st reading (“The fundamentals of collaboration”), briefly describe one interaction in which collaboration was successful and one in which the collaboration was difficult. For each situation, identify the extent to which the defining characteristics of collaboration were present or established. Identify any barriers to developing an effective collaborative relationship in the one in which collaboration was or has, so far, been unsuccessful.

Reference the Friend and Cook chapters (use APA style) and use their terminology to identify the defining characteristics of collaboration and barriers.

  1. In the second reading, the authors assert that any consultation can be collaborative. However, there are distinct differences between the two. Describe the relationship between consultation and collaboration. Identify the circumstances under which you, as a consultant, might decide to become more directive with the person with whom you’re consulting?
  2. Friend & Cook (2ndreading) describe consultation as a “triadic model.” Use the triadic model to identify the consultant, mediator, and target in the collaboration examples you gave in question 1 of this assignment?
  3. Identify an example of a collaborative experience with a family. Describe the factors that made the experience successful or the barriers that led to failure. If you have not participated in a family collaboration, identify and describe the factors that contribute to successful collaborations. Reference the material in the article on fostering collaboration.
  4. Briefly describe the last professional experience you had that required collaboration. Briefly describe the situation.

Identify any other people who were part of the process (e.g., other school staff, classroom assistant, parents). Identify the consultant, mediator, and target in the professional situation.

Respond to either a or b (below) depending on whether the professional experience was a collaborative experience.

  1. a) If your professional experience was a collaborative experience, use the defining characteristics of collaboration to discuss how collaboration supported.


  1. b) If this was not a fully collaborative experience; how could collaboration have improved the process?

Reference the articles/chapters where appropriate using APA style.  Use the terminology in the readings.  

Consultation and Collaboration in Behavioral Intervention