A case study of a complex case of a client diagnosed with cormobidity disorders. I have attached some files showing assignment brief, a passed sample assignment I want to be rewritten , a description of complex cases, mediators and moderators of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
Introduction to the service on page 3 should be removed however the last paragraghbon page 4 is relevant. Some headings must be renamed to avoid plagiarism ie Overview Discussion and Evaluation’ Diagrams of fig4, zfig14 and fig 15 must not be drawn but must be mentioned to avoid plagiarism. The reflection will be based on Rolfe ‘s model of reflection (What? So what? Now what?,) The reflection should discuss mainly ‘Therapeutic Relationship ‘ between the therapist and Client using Rolfe’s model.
The predictors mediators and moderators must be mentioned again. The line spacing should be 1.5

Complex cases in Cognitive Behavior