A comparison of house prices in new land housing developments from induction to two year completion to house price comparison before and after gentrification areas.
This study will look at Waltham Forests recently gentrified area and London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and its surrounding areas and new housing developments around these two boroughs, in comparison to new developments in and around less successful parts of London such as or new developments not near gentrified areas of London.
This study will impact on Ricardo’s theory of rent.
It will answer the question of What extent house price is a residual determination of land prices?

It will answer whether land price determines house price or whether house price determines land price?
Land banking is an issue where land owners only release land once they believe it is at an high value. How to determine this value is difficult as the study of residual land value is difficult to determine, however if there is a link between the nearest gentrified area in London and the closest sold greenfield site sold for development then there is a link between Land prices being determined by house prices and a proof that lank banking does exist.

Comparison of House prices in gentrified area and in new housing development built on Greenfield land