Financial crimes chosen: Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism


Regions chosen:
1- Middle East: UAE


Resources might assist:


2- China: Taiwan or any

3- North America: USA or any




  • Discuss the background and motivation of your work.
  • Summarize the research problem.
  • Summarize the proposed solution/approach to the problem.



  • Compare chosen countries from different regions to analyze and evaluate the existing laws on Money laundering and financing of terrorism and assess gaps if any to establish an international law


Case Scenarios of chosen financial crimes

  • Example of cases on ML or FoT in UAE



Discussion on Federated/International financial Laws and articles


  • Will it be suitable to have a federated international law for financial crimes? Why? Is politics included? Up to what level it can cause conflicts between countries? Will economy of countries be affected?




Instructor requirements for the survey paper:

Survey paper: Write a short survey by critically analyzing existing literature in a specific domain of laws. In this option, you need to search for 4-8 high quality published research papers on the topic. Try to understand and critically evaluate the different methods presented in the papers and prepare a comparative statement highlighting the pros and cons of each method.


Comparison of Financial Crime Laws and Procedures