Based on the Citation and Notification of Penalty letter you received, prepare a document that summarizes at least five actions you would take as soon as possible after you reviewed the letter. For each of the actions, you must state
the following:
▪ the exact action,
▪ why you believe the action is required for the citations and penalties,
▪ how you believe the action will assist in responding to the citations and
penalties, and
▪ resources you would use to accomplish the action.
Your response must be a minimum of two pages in length, using at least one reference. All sources must be cited, and a reference must be provided using APA style.

Instructions :
Please use the 3 example papers to help you.
Please rewrite/reword/rephrase any sentences used from the example
** I have provided the Reference .. OSHA_FOM_2016 Use ( Chapter 7 ) in
Field Operations Manual.
*** Three previous examples to use but do not copy word for word.
*** The OSHA_CITATIONS. ( for better understanding if needed)
Cover page, Body just 2 – 3 pages max , and reference page

Citation and Notification Response