Choose a country (CHINA) and learn about their Deaf Education taught in signed language. Students will gather information on the educational history and experiences of deaf persons in a specific country and present this information in paper (English). These paper will look like this:

1st paragraph – Introduction

2nd paragraph (body) – what led to the establishment of the deaf school and why?

3rd paragraph (body) – a description of the signed language and whether it is recognized as an official language of China.

4th paragraph (body) – the methods (sign language or oral?) used within the school.

5th paragraph (body) – how education has impacted the culture and language of the deaf?

6th paragraph (body) – a comparison with U.S. Deaf culture and history.

7th paragraph (body) – any other interesting information.

8th paragraph – Conclusion

China: History in Deaf Education, Sign Language, and Culture