Your case study has to be in at least 1000 words with the suggested structure constituting the following section heads: Executive Summary, Problem Statement, Alternatives, Conclusion, Implementation and References.

The following questions have to be addressed in your Case Study 3.

  1. What is the primary barrier to entry in the operating systems market? How does Netscape’s product threaten to remove this barrier?
  2. What is Microsoft’s pricing and distribution strategy for Internet Explorer? How does this compare to Netscape? Why would Microsoft pursue this pricing strategy?
  3. Is the internet browser software market a separate relevant product market from the operating system market?
  4. How does control of the start-up sequence and desktop screen allow Microsoft to leverage internet providers to use Internet Explorer? How effective was this strategy?
  5. What are some of the ways in which Microsoft’s actions adversely effect competition and innovation? Does this show evidence of harm to consumers?
Case Study 3