• Marketing Analysis (20 pts)
    1. Develop a comprehensive marketing analysis of the following:
      1. i) Insurance Industry in South Africa
      2. ii) BrightRock
  • Brand Product Development and Marketing (20 pts)
    1. Analyze the existing product development and product marketing forBrightRock
    2. Develop a new product and marketing strategy for BrightRock

3)   Marketing Measurement Analysis (15 pts)

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing campaign utilized by BrightRock.
    1. i) Identify the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
    2. ii) Measure and analyze the success of the campaign
  • iii) Determine the overall cost of the campaign


  • Marketing Communication and Campaign (20 pts)
    1. Develop a marketing communication campaign for Dave’s Big Break.
    2. Tie the marketing campaign to customer emotions and experience


  • Marketing Pitch and Communications (25 pts)
    1. Record a video a 3 minute pitch to Steven’s on what the action should be and why. Support with a maximum of three slides to support your pitch.
    2. Write a memorandum for Stevens supporting your pitch


6)   Customer Lifetime Value (20 pts)

  1. Determine the Customer Lifetime Value for BrightRock given their customer target and positioning. Please identify other assumptions.
    1. i) Utilize the potential insurance revenue to be realized (there is an insurance gap)..
    2. ii) South Africa’s population in 2018 was 57.78 mm. Assume steady YOY growth rate of 3%.
  • iii) Use three segments (richest 20%, median 30%, and poorest 20%)
  1. iv) Number of years refers to years when insurance becomes critical (past the median age).


  Richest 20% Median Poorest 20%
Cost of Acquisition 25% of earnings 15% of earnings 10% of earnings
Cost of Retention/Dev. 50% of earnings 30% earnings 5% of earnings
Number of Years * 15 20 8


Show your solution in Google Sheet. Identify all the given elements and arrange them in table format.

Note: Specify your assumptions.




















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