The main goal of this assignment is to help students be better prepared for Strategic
Management courses (Capstone). Case analysis simulates the challenges that managers and leaders face
trying to determine how best to run their companies. Case analysis place students in the middle of a real
situation and challenge you to figure out what the best strategies and/or decisions will be.

Identify and describe your company’s issues and problems to be solved. Please take into
consideration that in some cases the problem will be presented plainly, most of the time in the
opening paragraphs, or in the last page of the case. However, in other cases the problems don’t
become evident until the issues in the case have been analyzed.
 Describe your company’s situation by completing a SWOT analysis. In the SWOT analysis,
you should identify and explain at least three items for each element.
 This third requirement could vary based on your case. There are cases that might cover mainly
management issues, others marketing factors, while others could be more oriented to economic
issues such as supply and demand, demographics, GDP, inflation, etc. Some cases could provide
the opportunity to evaluate a mix of issues such as economic factors, management functions or
marketing. Please see the rubrics.
In other words, you could identify and explain the following based on your case:
Economics – Mention and explain macroeconomic factors such as GDP, inflation, recession,
unemployment that might be related to your case or micro economic factors such as supply and
Management – Explain the four function of management and how they apply to your case.
Marketing – Explain the four P’s of marketing and how they apply to your case.
Finance – Explain short term solvency issues, profitability and/ or leverage ratios that might
impact your firm.
 Provide a detailed action plan for this case including how to prevent a future similar
occurrence. Evaluate the benefit v/s cost and risk and return trade-off of your suggestions.
 Clearly written and properly cited. Double-space and use times new roman and size 12 font.
 You must provide an introduction and conclusion in your project.
 Paper will consist on a minimum of eight pages including cover page (one page).

Case Analysis