You work on the design team for an automobile manufacturer and you have been asked to design a new car stereo.

  • What will the radio look like? Draw a diagram
  • Label the different buttons, nobs, sliders, gadgets, and displays.
  • What functions will the radio be able to perform? You may be creative and add things that are not a part of your average stereo system.

When you have finished creating your radio, you should upload the diagram with a description of buttons, nobs, sliders, gadgets, and displays.  You should also describe the functions that these components perform.  Do not forget to post every member of the group’s name at the top of your submission.

You may ask, “Why are we doing this?”  In the process of developing a software product you may be asked to create something with software that resembles an object in the physical world.  You would start with a design of the components and their behaviors (like we are doing here).  Then you would code the object based on your design.  (For more involved components an algorithm and pseudocode might be involved.)  In this module we are exploring the objects built-in to JavaScript.  In the next module we will build our own objects.


Car Radio