Students will be participating in several experiential exercises and simulations throughout the course. These excercises will involve decision making in several different ways, and require the students to make both individual and group decisions. In addition to the decisions made in class excercise/simulations, students should also include a reflection on a decision made in their personal/professional/academic life. Students should then compile a portfolio of reflections on the decisions made, with an executive summary (no longer than 750 words). The executive summary MUST refer to and apply psychological, biological and social theoretical elements discussed in the course, and reflections should also discuss these topics in order to receive the highest grades.

– psychological basis of decision making
-biological basis of decision making
-social basis of decision making

Personal decision making instead of a stimulation

Reflections should follow the below general framework for reflective practice:


Describe what happened, the decision made, feedback you received, and the outcome (if relevant) of the decision.


How did you feel about the decision, with both positives and negatives? Why did you make this decision? Were you happy with the outcome? Do you have any other thoughts or feelings about the decision?


What did you learn about yourself from the decision? How will you use this information to make decisions in the future?

Business Decision making