The importance of Foreign Language learners is to have an excellent environment to practice their target language. The modern foreign language teachers should explore the emerging technologies to best create opportunities for their students because teachers do not have enough time to help them practice the target language even in pairs or groups. This paper addresses bots as an FFL tool in foreign language teaching and discusses the potential role of bots in applying for teaching English as a foreign language to fulfill the lack of time and students’ shyness in learning English as a Foreign Language. Eighty-nine students used two well-known bots in the class ([AUTHORS REFERENCE REDACTED FOR PEER REVIEW]), and their feedback was recorded and evaluated via Google form. Their primary opinions show that learning with a bot is more convenient than with a foreign language teacher. Although the state of chatbots in foreign language teaching has not been paid much attention, students are keen on this kind of emerging technology. The article presented an overview of applying bots in language teaching with the real application for language practice and suggested for further applications of bots in foreign language teaching.

Keywords: chatbots, CALL, Foreign language teaching, NBLTKeywords: chatbots, CALL, Foreign language teaching, NBLT

Bots as Foreign Language Learning Tools: from Theory to Practice