Bio-Psycho-Social Case Study in Health Care Settings (2.1.10 a, b, c, d): For this assignment, students will be presented with the opportunity to explore social work practice in response to a health problem/health behavior and focus on health promotion. The objective of this assignment is for students to take one case and apply your practice skills learned in this course.


Students are asked to write a 7-page paper providing a bio-psychosocial assessment, develop a treatment plan, discuss therapeutic interventions, discuss resource coordination, and discuss legal mandates and ethical standards. Please do not restate the case in your write up, but rather use the case facts to guide your presentation of main case issues to be addressed. 


Make sure to go through the sample paper provided before start writing.


Please select the case below to write the Bio Psycho-Social assignment.


Lawrence Chad Case

Lawrence Chad is a 50-year-old who was brought to the hospital in Newman, Oklahoma after being diagnosed with Cirrhosis six years ago, caused by years of excessive alcohol abuse. He has Medicare A+B as well as Medicaid as an insurance plan. Prior to coming to the hospital, Mr. Chad had been working with the transplant team to become listed for a liver transplant. He has been able to remain sober for the past 10 years, and thus qualified for listing. Upon admission to the hospital, the patient had ascites (fluid in the stomach), was encephalopathic, and had a MELD score high enough for him to receive a transplant.

After evaluation by the liver team, it was determined that Mr. Chad would need to have a transplant immediately, or he would die. Luckily, a liver matching his blood type was available. The transplant team took Mr. Chad to surgery and successfully completed the liver transplant. One month after Mr. Chad was discharged, he relapsed and began drinking again. He presented at the hospital with signs of elevated liver enzymes and was admitted. After a week in the hospital, his condition continued to decline, and it was discovered that Mr. Chad had snuck alcohol into the hospital and had been consuming it behind closed doors. As a result of his consumption, his liver transplant has started to fail. Mr. Chad stopped eating and symptoms of liver failure began to return. Mr. Chad appears to be in denial that his relapse had caused these symptoms and have become increasingly angry and irritable. A palliative care consult was ordered by the transplant physician, who asked Sally to be part of the conversation. Palliative care indicated that if he didn’t stop drinking that Mr. Chad would die from his condition, as he would not be a candidate for another transplant. Mr. Chad was extremely opposed stating that he would “not die from this.” Mr. Chad insisted on being a Full Code resuscitation status despite his terminal diagnoses and deteriorating health. Sally, who was his medical power of attorney, and stood by her father’s decision. You as the social worker, were asked to address these psychosocial issues with the patient and report back to the medical team with updates


The paper must contain the following subheadings in detail

A brief introduction about the client’s demographics 

  1. Assessment: Discuss the immediate issues being presented and discuss how you are going to prioritize the individual’s needs from a bio-psycho-social perspective. All domains need to be addressed. If information from one domain is not available, please state assessment questions you would ask to gather information.
  2. Treatment Plan: What will the treatment plan include? What is your primary focus when formulating the initial treatment plan? Consider immediate and on-going needs for the individual.
  3. Therapeutic Intervention: Talk about initial interventions for this case and discuss areas of focus. This may include risk assessments/safety planning, compliance, grief and loss, etc.
  4. Resource(s) Coordination: What resources should you be presenting to the individual/family? Consider both immediate and long-term needs.
  5. Legal Mandates and Ethical Standards: When discussing legal mandates and ethical considerations; remember that legal mandates are those set out by policies of the agency, county, and/or state/federal government. In contrast, ethical standards are those set out by the social work profession. Must reference latest version of NASW. 
  6. Discussion of Student Learning:A thorough and detailed discussion of what was learned from assessing cases.

This paper should be no more than 7 pages in length, not including any cover pages or references. Students should include at least 5 scholarly (peer reviewed) sources for this paper that are no more than 10 years old. APA format should be followed in its entirety Assignment must be well written, well organized, and free from grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors for full credit.


Make sure to use APA 6 Edition Format with a front page and reference page ( A sample is provided separately)

Bio-Psycho-social Assessment