Answer the following questions about HPV.  Please submit your answers to  Use the same username and password that you used for assignment 1.

There are no length requirements for this assignment, but be sure you’ve demonstrated a thorough understanding of the material in your answers.   For example, if you just say “some people think it is too young” for question seven it really wouldn’t be worth any points.  Get into the details of why some people think it is too young.

  1. What are the most common types of cancer that HPV can cause?


  1. What are the cellular changes that HPV causes which can lead to cancer?


  1. What is a PAP smear, and how is it used in diagnosing cervical cancer?


  1. When should a woman have her first PAP smear, and how does this change with age?


  1. HPV cannot be cured, but it can be prevented with a vaccine. Describe how the vaccine works to prevent infection by HPV.


  1. Why is the vaccine recommended to be given to kids between the ages of 9-12?


  1. What is the controversy over this 9-12 age range?


  1. Scenario: Your daughter just turned nine.  Would you get her vaccinated?  Explain why or why not.  Whether you do or do not want to vaccinate her doesn’t affect your assignment grade.  What I look for is how you backed up your opinion.  Remember that this is a science course, so try and find some scientific evidence that supports your opinion.



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